Restorative Justice Mediation

Research in conflict resolution has shown that mainstream mediation often does not recognize differences in power and privilege. SoJust Circle offers a social justice model of mediation based on anti-oppression and equity concepts that illuminate how emotions and unexpressed needs contribute to conflict. This model supports people in confronting a conflict with all of its complexity, and map out strategies for understanding its roots. It offers a process that explores social relationships, and the multiple layers of conflict that accompany growth and change.     

I work closely with individuals and organizations to identify recurring themes in a conflicted environment, explore possible underlying causes of tension, and offer recommendations for moving conflict forward. I believe that individuals and communities can build their capacity to create a just world where we develop more humane and healthy responses to the intimate, interpersonal, and community conflicts we encounter.

SoJust Circle offers:                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Restorative justice mediation for community, workplace or family disputes
  • Restorative circle facilitation for conflicts, organizational visioning sessions, healing, and information sharing
  • Training Workshops/Coaching

Workshops will enable participants to: 

  •  Develop skills to engage in difficult dialogues
  •  Learn collaborative communication skills
  •  Learn to listen with empathy and compassion
  •  Develop conflict resolution skills for managerial or peer mediation
  •  Identify and eliminate barriers, power dynamics that limit people’s    participation and sense of belonging
  • Decrease toxic conflict and increase healthy, constructive, open communication and feedback