Relational Therapy

img_1205Therapy is a conversation. As we sit together I will hold the threads of your stories as they unfurl, and we can explore the meanings they have for you. I can help you put language to things that have been unspoken, or examine things that are slowly surfacing. Sharing our stories with someone allows them to be witnessed, and as a witness I deeply listen to you with empathy and acceptance. Sometimes we can only make sense of things once they are reflected back to us.

People may come to therapy for specific reasons – relationship breakdown, workplace dissatisfaction, death of a loved one, past or present trauma, etc. – or they may come to discuss and actualize more general feelings, such as sadness, loneliness, frustration, or anger. You may not be totally certain what you want to talk about at first, there is just something that does not feel right.

I’m curious to know you and to understand your feelings, needs and how you relate to others. Whatever you bring to the conversation is where we will start, and I will work carefully with you as you discover new ways of being with yourself and with others.